We get it. Shit just hit the fan. 

America elected Donald Trump and you’d rather deal with the desolation of Canadian winters than try to explain "President Trump" to your children. But, how exactly do you move to Canada? What are the logistics? We put together this handy list to make sure you’re not missing anything.*

1. You need a visa

So you might have seen our super hunk of a Prime Minister giving out winter coats to Syrian refugees at the airport. (Yep, that actually happened.) Well, it’s not quite as easy if you’re only fleeing your country because of a democratically elected President. We have a number of options though, so browse at your leisure. And, hey, we even have a dedicated page just for Americans here, though it’s possible the government added that when they realized their website went down on election night. And if all else fails, there's always MapleMatch, a dating app focused on pairing Canadians with Americans.

2. You need to find a job.

Depending on where you’re at in your career, we have some of the usual suspects. You know, Indeed, Monster, Craigslist. But we also have a fun, though admittedly poor designed, alternative to Craigslist called “Kijiji”. If you’re looking for something a little more entrepreneurial, try the Canadian job board StartupNorth (or just go straight to the job board for the most awesome startup in Toronto, which happens to be hiring right now, BuzzBuzzHome).

3. You need to mentally prepare yourself for winter.

If you haven’t heard, winter in Canada kinda blows, unless you’re one of those weird people who revels in icy temperatures (but seriously, they’re just masochists, right?). I think it’s important to just let it sink in that sometimes it’s going to be the same temperature as uninhabitable planets, other times the ice covering our majestic winter landscape is so heavy that trees buckle under the ice’s mighty weight and you might have to dig a tunnel out of your house on those heavy snow days.

4. You need to physically prepare yourself for winter. 

Okay, so you thought a lot about what the winter means. That’s important. But now you’re going to need to dress for it. We highly recommend you get a Canada Goose jacket, and boots from Sorel. Also, wearing multiple layers of clothes that you wouldn’t normally layer (read: pants), is totally acceptable. Some might even call you smart. And don’t be surprised when you see fancy cars driving around with these rims in the winter, because that’s just how we roll.

5. You need to start spelling things the British way. 

Get ready to start throwing “u’s” in the middle of words and ending words with “re” that really should end in “er” (at least according to you). Eventually, the word “colour” will look normal (we promise).

6. You need to familiarize yourself with the metric system. 

People honestly just don’t know whatever that other one is. Get ready for kilometres instead of miles, litres instead of gallons and, you know, scientifically based temperatures. And yes, that is a dig at you, imperial system. We obviously knew what you were called.

7. You need to find a new home. 

You'll want something brand new to get a fully refreshed start in your new homeland, so we recommend you start your search on BuzzBuzzHome, a listing portal exclusively focused on new residential developments. Plus, you can find out what new home suits you best by taking this handy dandy quiz

*But, seriously, don’t just use this list, that would be insane